Why Choose 18-month Home Warranty?

At 18-month Home Warranty, we want you, as a homeowner, to get the most for your money. Rather than provide you with more coverage that you might not use, we would much rather offer you with a longer warranty for a similar price so you have six more months of worry-free living during which we continue to cover your home’s systems.

Most home warranty companies only allow you to purchase 12-month home warranties to decrease the risk that you will actually run into a problem. However, we want you to be able to take advantage of your coverage in the event that one of your home systems does not work properly, so we provide you with 18 months of coverage for the same cost as our competitors 12 month warranty.

18-month Home Warranty Cares about You

With a background in home construction, we work personally with our clients to ensure that purchasing a warranty and filing claims goes smoothly.
18-month Home Warranty also provides the following to clients:

  • Rapid attention for service calls, most often in 24 hours or quicker
  • Low service call fees
  • Attentive warranty experts who can explain the nuances of your home warranty plan
  • Several ranks of warranty plans that give you varying degrees of coverage
  • Regular tune-ups for your heating system
We know that caring for a home and all the home’s systems can be daunting, so we want to supply you with more security with our 18-month home warranty.


Each of our employees dedicates his or her efforts to ensuring that you have a positive experience while choosing the right warranty for your home. To come in and get more information in person, give 18-month Home Warranty a call at Utah: 385-275-2929 or Toll Free: 844-921-1914 to schedule an appointment!