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We provide 18 Month Home Warranty to Homeowners and Real Estate Professionals. When you purchase your 18 Month Home Warranty, you will also received our extensive Home Maintenance Guide as an added Free Bonus

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Frequently Asked Questions about Our 18-month Home Warranty

At 18-month Home Warranty, we want to do everything in our power to give you the information you need before purchasing a warranty for your home. Before you even come into our office, here are some example questions and answers that will give you more of the big picture.

For typical service requests, we charge a $75 service fee. This service fee helps us keep our prices low for customers that rarely use their warranty and helps us manage the cost for calling out the technician.
If you have more questions that weren’t answered here, call our office today at 385-275-2929!

Our office does offer emergency services, though they might result in an increased service charge for after-hours service. If you can wait for service until business hours, it will save money for everyone involved, though we understand that sometimes immediate service is necessary to prevent additional damage.

When a customer purchases a warranty, we must first ensure that the appliances and home systems are already working properly. If an appliance is already faulty, the warranty will not cover the maintenance or replacement. However, the warranty at 18-month Home Warranty does cover any unknown pre-existing conditions that might come to light after the purchase of the warranty.

In our warranty package details, we provide our customers with a lengthy summary of what is and is not covered by the warranty itself. Depending on what warranty package you chose and the nature of the issue, your problem might not be covered.
The most common issue with claims that are denied is that the maintenance or repair issue is not related to typical wear and tear. For example, if an appliance that would normally be covered under the warranty was not properly maintained according to the manufacturer’s suggestions, the maintenance or replacement of that appliance would not be covered by the warranty.

On average, homeowners spend 1-4 percent of the total value of their home on repairs and maintenance for their home systems and appliances every year. They put thousands of dollars into that service work, when all of that can be covered by a home warranty. This is one warranty that we can almost guarantee you will take advantage of.