Order Your 18-month Home Warranty

Do you already know that you want an 18-month home warranty? If so, ordering sooner rather than later can save you the stress of making sure that the warranty goes into effect at the right time. By ordering the warranty package from our website, you can save yourself time and compare the plans we offer on your own schedule.

Of course, our warranty representatives have flexible schedules and can meet with you to discuss the home warranty package that would be most appropriate for you, your family, and your home if you would prefer.

We Provide 18-month Home Warranties to Homeowners and Real Estate Professionals

We are well aware that houses often sell more quickly for a better price when the house comes with a warranty, which is why we extend our warranty services to the following individuals and professionals:

  • Homeowners
  • Property managers
  • Buyer’s agents
  • Transaction coordinators
  • Listing agents
  • Escrow officers
  • Mortgage professionals

By providing us with information about your home and letting us know which of our 18-month home warranty plans you are most interested in, we can streamline the paperwork process and set up an appointment to meet with you to get all the details finalized.

Qualifying for the Home Warranty You Want

Not all homes and home systems meet all the requirements necessary to become candidates for our 18-month home warranty plans. However, we work with you to let you know what you need and what you qualify for.

By filling out the information about your home in the form, we can get you on the road to a stress-free 18 months during which your home systems are covered. Because homeowners spend 1-4 percent of their home’s value on fixing their home’s systems every year, you’ll get your money’s worth out of this warranty!

For questions or concerns, call 18-month Home Warranty at Utah: 385-275-2929 or Toll Free: 844-921-1914