18-month Home Warranty’s Claims Process

Our home warranty providers understand that no one likes to go through the process of filing a claim on a home warranty, especially if the issue needs immediate attention. That’s why our representatives work hard to streamline the process and get someone out to your home to assess the problem in a timely manner.

First of all, you need to either use the claim form provided here or call 18-month Home Warranty to begin the claims process. However, we’ll give you more information below about what to expect during the claims process below.

Outlining the Claims Process

Once you have submitted a claim to us, we will schedule an appointment with you to diagnose the problem. After our team identifies the problem, 18-month Home Warranty will work with an independent contractor to solve the problem. We do our very best to respond to requests for service calls within 24 hours, and most independent contractors request 24-48 hour notice of a problem, to give you an idea of the time frame.

After everything has been scheduled and experts are tackling the issue at hand, you will be responsible for the $75 service call fee as well as any additional fee that you might be subject to based on the extent of the issue and which warranty plan you selected.

We Are Constantly Improving Our Claims Process for You

The team at 18-month Home Warranty does everything in its power to ensure that you have nothing but good experiences with the experts you work with and our version of the claims process. However, if you feel that an aspect of the claims process could have been handled more appropriately, you can always submit your feedback to us. Doing so helps us improve our services in the future.

Fill the form Below to Submit a Claim:

To find out more about our claims process, call us today at Utah: 385-275-2929 or Toll Free: 844-921-1914