Worry Less about Your New House with an 18-month Home Warranty!

When you buy a home, you’re taking a risk. Though you have surely looked thoroughly at the home and made sure that it suits your needs, you still have to assume that all the home’s appliances, heating and cooling systems, plumbing, and electrical systems can hold up once you move in. To allay your fears and ensure that each system stands up to regular use, we offer an 18-month home warranty!
While our competitors’ warranty covers your home’s systems for 12 months, we provide you with an 18-month home warranty. Even though our coverage lasts longer, we charge similarly to our competitors, meaning that you get more protection for your investment.

Benefits of Purchasing an 18-month Home Warranty

Since a home warranty covers so many of the systems and appliances in your home, there’s a high probability that something will malfunction or otherwise fail to work properly during the warranty period. That means that, unlike most warranties, you will get your use out of our 18-month home warranty.

Our home warranties give you the following benefits:

  • Your choice of three coverage options
  • Add-ons to suit your needs and the exact specifications of your home and home systems
  • Low-cost service calls
  • Regular maintenance and tune-ups for heating and cooling systems
  • Coverage for everything from your garage door to your garbage disposal

When you consider one of our 18-month home warranty plans, we give you all the information you need up front so you know exactly what our policies are, how the claim process works, and how much our warranties cover. We’re in the business of protecting you!

How Real Estate Agents Can Also Benefit from 18-month Home Warranties

Any perk that you, as a real estate agent, can provide a potential buyer increases the likelihood that the home will sell quickly. When you include an 18-month home warranty in the cost of buying the home, potential home buyers become more likely to consider the property and place a higher offer on the house.

For more information about how an 18-month home warranty can protect you, call our home warranty experts today at Toll Free: 844-921-1914 or Local: 385-275-29290